Rithali-in and Sister Celenia

I finished another couple of models from Raging Heroes. These models are not currently available, I have early access for backing their Kickstarter campaign.


I’m a little unhappy with how I handled Rithali-in. Firstly, I dropped her while painting her and I lost her hand and the tip of her whip. I managed to replace the hand with a spare but I’m so annoyed with myself. Also I’m unhappy with the armour. The highlighting looked fine initially, but then I glossed it to make it look like PVC and now it looks kinda flat. Finally after looking at some of the renders of the model I think she’s supposed to be wearing a mask! I couldn’t tell from the model…

Sister Celenia

Sister Celenia was a quick colour scheme test. I wanted her to match my old Sisters of Battle but I painted them so long ago that the colours I used no longer exist. I think it’s close but I’ll brighten the purple armour next time.

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