Fungal Growths, Ninja Cola and Deeproot Wolf Rider

More Super Dungeon Explore! First up are the Fungal Growth spawning points, painted in quick tabletop quality:

Fungal Growth

My Ninja Cola is actually Darkspace Cola with Ninja Cola’s weapon. I thought he looked like a better Ninja Cola and I’ll be using the original model in a later conversion.


Finally, here’s my Deeproot Wolf Rider with converted bedroll:

Deeproot Wolf Rider

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Shadow-Mode Candy, Von Drakk and Converted Bedroll

I’ve finished some more Super Dungeon Explore models. First up is Shadow-Mode Candy who might be my new favourite Super Dungeon mini.

Shadow Mode Candy

Fighting alongside Candy’s evil twin is the vampire end boss, Von Drakk:

Von Drakk

The Deeproot Wolf Rider model is missing the bedroll shown in its artwork, so I made my own. I’ll load a video showing how I converted it next week.


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