Tabbybrook Mage

There is a community painting event happening on Facebook at the moment where everyone is painting up a Tabbybrook Mage. I really enjoy seeing different painting styles and the different takes people have on the same model.

I’ve been painting my own Freyjans to be more cat-like so my Tabbybrook is a Siamese.

Tabbybrook Mage

I also modified her a little because I did not like the way she was sitting on the base. I ended up removing almost 3mm from the bottom of her dress, but she now matches up more closely to her Freyjan sisters in height.


If you want to join the Facebook event, you still have until the end of March to post your painted Tabbybrook Mage. Thanks for reading! Likes/shares/comments are appreciated.

Video: How to Paint Miniatures – Painting Basics

My second video is also aimed at beginners to the miniature painting hobby. It includes a lot of tips which will lay a good foundation for more complicated painting techniques later on.

I start by talking about the importance of thinning your paints so that you don’t clog up details or get brush streaks.

Thinning Paint

I talk about paint coverage and types of palettes and then I move on to water pots. I recommend a separate pot for true metallic paints so that the metal flecks do not get transferred to your model.

Metallic Paint

I then discuss using stands to hold your model while painting to ensure that oils from your skin don’t get transferred.

Painting Stand

I give a few more tips about techniques and brush care and then I suggest making a stubby scrubbing brush to quickly and easily remove mistakes.


It takes some time to develop muscle memory, so be patient and practise that brush control!

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Video: How to Paint Miniatures – Model Prep

I have some exciting news to share: I’ve started a youtube channel!

I plan to start with the very basics for beginner modellers and work my way up to the harder stuff. I have plenty of tips and techniques to share with you all.

My aim is to post a minimum of one video a month, but hopefully more often when I have time.

I won’t be hosting the videos directly in this blog, so for now I’ll do a quick summary for each video and include the links.

My first video was so long I decided to split it into two parts. In part one, I start with removing the models from the sprue.


I then discuss the best ways to remove mould lines.


I talk about types of glue and how to fix models that don’t fit into their base slots.


In part two, I show you how to fix plastic or resin models that are bent.

Bent model

I talk about removing the mould release agent so that your primer has a nice, strong hold.

Cleaning model

Finally I talk about priming, and how to properly undercoat your models in the best way to avoid chipping.


And that’s it! I’ll be uploading a few videos to start with so that my channel doesn’t look so sad and empty. I’m still new to this so I can already see areas I can improve on in the future.

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Dust Mages

I’ve finished up a couple of Dust Mages from Super Dungeon Explore.

Dust Mages

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