Video: How to Paint Miniatures – Model Prep

I have some exciting news to share: I’ve started a youtube channel!

I plan to start with the very basics for beginner modellers and work my way up to the harder stuff. I have plenty of tips and techniques to share with you all.

My aim is to post a minimum of one video a month, but hopefully more often when I have time.

I won’t be hosting the videos directly in this blog, so for now I’ll do a quick summary for each video and include the links.

My first video was so long I decided to split it into two parts. In part one, I start with removing the models from the sprue.


I then discuss the best ways to remove mould lines.


I talk about types of glue and how to fix models that don’t fit into their base slots.


In part two, I show you how to fix plastic or resin models that are bent.

Bent model

I talk about removing the mould release agent so that your primer has a nice, strong hold.

Cleaning model

Finally I talk about priming, and how to properly undercoat your models in the best way to avoid chipping.


And that’s it! I’ll be uploading a few videos to start with so that my channel doesn’t look so sad and empty. I’m still new to this so I can already see areas I can improve on in the future.

Thanks for reading, likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

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