Video: How to Paint Miniatures – OSL

In this video I show you how to paint a simple glow effect.

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Video: Painting Collaboration – Twilight Knight Halloween Pin-up

To celebrate 5000 Youtube subscribers, I’ve painted another model in collaboration with another painter. Like my other collaborations it will be a series of stills, showing how we paint up two different versions of the same model. Please consider visiting Nick Starr’s instagram at:

Twilight Knight Halloween Pin-up

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Fire Gels, Okoshrooms and Tamamo no Mae

More Super Dungeon! I’ve just finished the Fire Gels.

Fire Gel

And the Okoshrooms. One of my Okoshrooms came with a broken foot separated from his base. While repairing him, I took the opportunity to change up his pose for variety’s sake.


Tamamo no Mae. She’s actually a Ninja All Stars character but I’m going to use her as a Super Dungeon hero.

Tamamo no Mae

And here’s the video showing how I painted her:

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