Dungeons and Dragons (5th Ed) Character: Kuori

I’ve been playing D&D with the same group for several years now. We retired our old characters when 4th Ed ended and that’s when I created Kuori. She is a custom race (using the Goliath rules) invented by our GM during our previous campaign (now set 30 years ago). Her kin are basically a dying tribal people descended from Frost Giants.

When I first started playing her, Kuori was true to her tribal roots. Even though she is a fighter, I wanted a model that looked like a barbarian. I ended up converting Reaper Miniatures’ Nadezhda the White, Ice Sorceress by turning her staff into a maul. I painted this model over two years ago.


She ended up dying to save the party and I switched characters for a bit, but unbeknownst to the other players, the GM and I had plans to return her. When Kuori returned she had abandoned the old furs and hunting trophies of her people and adopted full plate armour so I wanted a new mini to represent her. I ended up using another Reaper mini, Rasia, w/Spiked Chain, although the mini is a bit shorter so I based her on a pile of tall rocks. I painted her in only a couple of hours.


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Kaelly the Nether Strider, Wandering Minstrel, Kinoshrooms, Claw Trainers and Ser Sharpclaw

I’ve gone a bit crazy painting Super Dungeon Explore lately. This time of year is normally when my painter’s block/apathy kicks in, but this year I seem to be in overdrive!

First up is Kaelly the Nether Strider, whose hero version the Nether Assassin is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Her potion is a lifesaver!

Kaelly the Nether Strider

Next is the Wandering Minstrel. I’m actually using him as a tank; he generates a ton of wrath with his potion and supportive actions and by loading him up with Dex equipment he can dodge out of harm’s way.

Wandering Minstrel

I’ve started painting minions from the Emerald Valley set. First up are the Kinoshrooms.


Finally I’ve finished the Claw Trainers

Claw Trainer

And Ser Sharpclaw from the Claw of the Wyrm warband.

Ser Sharpclaw

I converted him by adding reins.

Converted Reins

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