Dungeons and Dragons (5th Ed) Character: Kuori

I’ve been playing D&D with the same group for several years now. We retired our old characters when 4th Ed ended and that’s when I created Kuori. She is a custom race (using the Goliath rules) invented by our GM during our previous campaign (now set 30 years ago). Her kin are basically a dying tribal people descended from Frost Giants.

When I first started playing her, Kuori was true to her tribal roots. Even though she is a fighter, I wanted a model that looked like a barbarian. I ended up converting Reaper Miniatures’ Nadezhda the White, Ice Sorceress by turning her staff into a maul. I painted this model over two years ago.


She ended up dying to save the party and I switched characters for a bit, but unbeknownst to the other players, the GM and I had plans to return her. When Kuori returned she had abandoned the old furs and hunting trophies of her people and adopted full plate armour so I wanted a new mini to represent her. I ended up using another Reaper mini, Rasia, w/Spiked Chain, although the mini is a bit shorter so I based her on a pile of tall rocks. I painted her in only a couple of hours.


Likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

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