Converted Arcanist Mechaniks, Sylys Wyshnalyrr and Magister Helynna

I’ve converted a few Retribution of Scyrah models lately. First up are my second and third¬†Arcanist Mechaniks (See previous post here)

Converted Arcanist

I didn’t like Sylys Wyshnalyrr’s original pose so I swapped his legs with a Reaper Bones miniature.

Converted Sylys Wyshnalyrr

I only slightly converted Magister Helynna by sculpting her hair.

Converted Helynna

The pulled-back mohawk + tattoo look was inspired by Jack from Mass Effect 3.

Converted Helynna

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Pistol Wraith and Scarlock Thrall

The new Satyxis Gunslingers are out and even though I don’t plan on playing my Cryx again anytime soon, I wanted to paint them. So I finished up the last of my unpainted Cryx models. My Pistol Wraith:

Pistol Wraith

And Scarlock Thrall:

Scarlock Thrall

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