Arcanist Mechanik Conversions

The Arcanist Mechanik is a great Retribution solo. I wanted the maximum of allowance of three but they only come in one sculpt:


So I wanted to convert the other two. For the first, I was inspired by the following artwork by Chris Walton:


I removed the tool from his left hand, re-angled the arm, added a mug and filled in the arm with putty. I removed his right hand and replaced the tool, sculpting the hand. I also added a cigarette to his mouth. I actually drilled it into his face to make sure that it doesn’t break off, and sculpted his lips around it.

Arcanist Conversion

The other was a more significant conversion. It’s a gender-swap with a lot of putty work. I made a mould of Kaelyssa’s face and shoulder-pad and scratch-built the rest of the torso. I had to rebuild some of the right hand and bottle-things as I removed them when making the torso.

Likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

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