Lunar Mage

I finished painting my converted Lunar Mage. I tried to match her to the card art.

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Converting the Lunar Mage

I decided to convert the Lunar Mage to be more like the card art.

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Her model has both feet firmly planted on the ground (probably for stability reasons) but since I was able to use a pin, she could be in a more dynamic pose.

Lunar Mage Conversion

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Video: How to Paint Miniatures – Converting Soda Master Candy

In my latest video, I convert Soda Master Candy by modifying Shadow Mode Candy and Ninja Cola.

Soda Master Candy Conversion

Soda Master Candy’s model is no longer available, but her card comes with Brave Mode Candy, who can be played as either version.

Converted Soda Master Candy

Shadow Mode Candy (left), Converted Soda Master Candy (middle), Brave Mode Candy (right).

Soda Master Candy Conversion

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Fungal Growths, Ninja Cola and Deeproot Wolf Rider

More Super Dungeon Explore! First up are the Fungal Growth spawning points, painted in quick tabletop quality:

Fungal Growth

My Ninja Cola is actually Darkspace Cola with Ninja Cola’s weapon. I thought he looked like a better Ninja Cola and I’ll be using the original model in a later conversion.


Finally, here’s my Deeproot Wolf Rider with converted bedroll:

Deeproot Wolf Rider

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Shadow-Mode Candy, Von Drakk and Converted Bedroll

I’ve finished some more Super Dungeon Explore models. First up is Shadow-Mode Candy who might be my new favourite Super Dungeon mini.

Shadow Mode Candy

Fighting alongside Candy’s evil twin is the vampire end boss, Von Drakk:

Von Drakk

The Deeproot Wolf Rider model is missing the bedroll shown in its artwork, so I made my own. I’ll load a video showing how I converted it next week.


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Kaelly the Nether Strider, Wandering Minstrel, Kinoshrooms, Claw Trainers and Ser Sharpclaw

I’ve gone a bit crazy painting Super Dungeon Explore lately. This time of year is normally when my painter’s block/apathy kicks in, but this year I seem to be in overdrive!

First up is Kaelly the Nether Strider, whose hero version the Nether Assassin is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Her potion is a lifesaver!

Kaelly the Nether Strider

Next is the Wandering Minstrel. I’m actually using him as a tank; he generates a ton of wrath with his potion and supportive actions and by loading him up with Dex equipment he can dodge out of harm’s way.

Wandering Minstrel

I’ve started painting minions from the Emerald Valley set. First up are the Kinoshrooms.


Finally I’ve finished the Claw Trainers

Claw Trainer

And Ser Sharpclaw from the Claw of the Wyrm warband.

Ser Sharpclaw

I converted him by adding reins.

Converted Reins

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Converted Arcanist Mechaniks, Sylys Wyshnalyrr and Magister Helynna

I’ve converted a few Retribution of Scyrah models lately. First up are my second and third Arcanist Mechaniks (See previous post here)

Converted Arcanist

I didn’t like Sylys Wyshnalyrr’s original pose so I swapped his legs with a Reaper Bones miniature.

Converted Sylys Wyshnalyrr

I only slightly converted Magister Helynna by sculpting her hair.

Converted Helynna

The pulled-back mohawk + tattoo look was inspired by Jack from Mass Effect 3.

Converted Helynna

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Arcanist Mechanik Conversions

The Arcanist Mechanik is a great Retribution solo. I wanted the maximum of allowance of three but they only come in one sculpt:


So I wanted to convert the other two. For the first, I was inspired by the following artwork by Chris Walton:


I removed the tool from his left hand, re-angled the arm, added a mug and filled in the arm with putty. I removed his right hand and replaced the tool, sculpting the hand. I also added a cigarette to his mouth. I actually drilled it into his face to make sure that it doesn’t break off, and sculpted his lips around it.

Arcanist Conversion

The other was a more significant conversion. It’s a gender-swap with a lot of putty work. I made a mould of Kaelyssa’s face and shoulder-pad and scratch-built the rest of the torso. I had to rebuild some of the right hand and bottle-things as I removed them when making the torso.

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