Video: How to Paint Miniatures – Stippling

In my latest video I’ll show you how to use the stippling technique.


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Succubus Vandella

My latest miniature from Super Dungeon Explore is Succubus Vandella.

Succubus Vandella

To be honest she’s seen more table time as her heroic incarnation than her miniboss version.

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Arcanist Mechanik Conversions

The Arcanist Mechanik is a great Retribution solo. I wanted the maximum of allowance of three but they only come in one sculpt:


So I wanted to convert the other two. For the first, I was inspired by the following artwork by Chris Walton:


I removed the tool from his left hand, re-angled the arm, added a mug and filled in the arm with putty. I removed his right hand and replaced the tool, sculpting the hand. I also added a cigarette to his mouth. I actually drilled it into his face to make sure that it doesn’t break off, and sculpted his lips around it.

Arcanist Conversion

The other was a more significant conversion. It’s a gender-swap with a lot of putty work. I made a mould of Kaelyssa’s face and shoulder-pad and scratch-built the rest of the torso. I had to rebuild some of the right hand and bottle-things as I removed them when making the torso.

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Daughters of the Crucible

My first miniatures from the Raging Heroes Kickstarter arrived recently so¬†I whipped up a quick and simple paint scheme for The Daughters of the Crucible. These are my first miniatures from Raging Heroes and I’m very impressed with the sculpts.

Daughters of the Crucible

Because these models are from the Kickstarter they are not currently available in store.

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