Video: How to Paint Miniatures – Painting Basics

My second video is also aimed at beginners to the miniature painting hobby. It includes a lot of tips which will lay a good foundation for more complicated painting techniques later on.

I start by talking about the importance of thinning your paints so that you don’t clog up details or get brush streaks.

Thinning Paint

I talk about paint coverage and types of palettes and then I move on to water pots. I recommend a separate pot for true metallic paints so that the metal flecks do not get transferred to your model.

Metallic Paint

I then discuss using stands to hold your model while painting to ensure that oils from your skin don’t get transferred.

Painting Stand

I give a few more tips about techniques and brush care and then I suggest making a stubby scrubbing brush to quickly and easily remove mistakes.


It takes some time to develop muscle memory, so be patient and practise that brush control!

Thanks for reading, likes/shares/comments are appreciated.


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