Devout of Araphel and Heartbound

I’ve had a few health issues lately which have made painting difficult, but I’ve been working on these slowly.

The Devout of Araphel are Riftlings so I decided to give them some unusual skin colours. Also the Heartbound has earned the nickname “Betelgeuse” (from Re:Zero).


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I tried to make Onryo match her card art. Her hair is deliberately dark at the base and there are purple tones in her skin and robes.

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Dirty Rats and Sewer Pipe

I’ve recently had two significant surgeries and had to take a whole month off of work. So I’ve been using the time trying to paint again. It’s getting easier.

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Jorogumo, Fed-Up Farmer and House Siren Enforcer

I know a lot of us have had a bad 2020, and I’ve had a particularly hard time with a whole host of different medical problems, including multiple surgeries. For that reason I have found it very difficult to get much of my hobby done, but I have been trying. Here are a few things I’ve managed to finish but didn’t upload yet:

Jorogumo is a spider boss for Super Dungeon. I love the way she looks but it was very tricky to paint her kimono around all her legs/hair.


The Fed-Up Farmer is a limited edition Masterclass model. At first I underestimated him, but his healing potion turns out to be pretty amazing!

When I first saw the House Siren Enforcer’s hammer, I thought of Harley Quinn. I decided to carry the reference even further with the hair colour.


My medical issues are not over, and I may have to limit the amount of hobby I do in the future, but I have no plans to stop.

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I’ve just started playing Gloomhaven and it’s really fun! I haven’t had the painting “itch” for a while but I finished the Spellweaver in just a couple of days. I’m happy with the blue glow but I think the red should have been brighter to match it. My OSL still needs practice… Also the gems look better irl, they are shimmery.

Gloomhaven Spellweaver

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