Satyxis Gunslingers

I’ve finished the Satyxis Gunslingers.

Satyxis Gunslinger

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Arena Champion

I just finished the Arena Champion from Super Dungeon. I painted her for the Discord painting competition so I put a bit of extra effort in!

Arena Champion

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Burning Gels and House Cerberus Occultist

I’ve finished the Burning Gels from Super Dungeon Explore. I might repaint the glow on their bases as I think it’s a bit too crude compared to my previous attempt with the Fire Gels.

Burning Gel

I’ve also finished the House Cerberus Occultist.

House Cerberus Occultist

I managed to give the spell book an occult symbol and old bloodstains.

House Cerberus Occultist

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Dark Kitsune (repaint)

Dark Kitsune
I am much happier with the new version!

Madoushi, Kunoichi and Fire Flowers

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted… For those of you following my Youtube channel, you’ll know that I made an announcement regarding a traumatic event that occurred in my life which I have been dealing with since last year. I’m still having difficulties but I am getting better and I’ve been able to pick up the paintbrush again recently.

Firstly I finished the Kitsune from Ninja All Stars. Here’s the Madoushi:


And the Kunoichi:


Finally I’ve also finished a bunch of Fire Flowers:

Fire Flower

I also hope to post another video soon.

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