Video: How to Paint Miniatures – Converting Soda Master Candy

In my latest video, I convert Soda Master Candy by modifying Shadow Mode Candy and Ninja Cola.

Soda Master Candy Conversion

Soda Master Candy’s model is no longer available, but her card comes with Brave Mode Candy, who can be played as either version.

Converted Soda Master Candy

Shadow Mode Candy (left), Converted Soda Master Candy (middle), Brave Mode Candy (right).

Soda Master Candy Conversion

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Shadow-Mode Candy, Von Drakk and Converted Bedroll

I’ve finished some more Super Dungeon Explore models. First up is Shadow-Mode Candy who might be my new favourite Super Dungeon mini.

Shadow Mode Candy

Fighting alongside Candy’s evil twin is the vampire end boss, Von Drakk:

Von Drakk

The Deeproot Wolf Rider model is missing the bedroll shown in its artwork, so I made my own. I’ll load a video showing how I converted it next week.


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