Thundervale Huntress, Questing Knight and Survivor Marie-Claude

It’s time for some heroes! Lets start with the Thundervale Huntress.

Thundervale Huntress

I tried to match her markings to the artwork in the book instead of her card.

Thundervale Huntress

And here’s the Questing Knight in an alternative colour scheme.

Questing Knight

Finally here’s Survivor Marie-Claude. I thought her sculpted eyes were a little too large (even for the chibi style) so I tried to offset that by giving her a slighter thicker outline around the eye than I usually do. Meaning I left the black line around the whites of her eyes within the sculpted edge. I’ll do a little guide on this later. I like how her eyes and stocking turned out.

Survivor Marie Claude

If you were wondering about Marie-Claude’s sculpt, it’s based on Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, a cosplayer associated with Soda Pop Miniatures.

Thanks for reading, likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

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