Scarlett Cutlass and Jawge

I paint my Freyjans to be more-catlike and have wanted to paint black cat for a while now. As a pirate, Scarlett was the prefect choice, but I wanted to keep her name-sake red hair. Since I couldn’t decide between black or red, I went with both!

Scarlett Cutlass, Dread Scarlett

And of course her shark pet, Jawge:

Likes/shares/comments are appreciated!


One thought on “Scarlett Cutlass and Jawge

  1. Hello Jenna. Another great piece. Love the blending colors of the hair. It looks amazing. Perfect choice of colour as you get that “lived” in look on the costume. Jawge looks great too. Fantastic work as always. Have a great day and take care. Kindest regards Ian 👍😊

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