Burnout and Super Dungeon Explore

Semi-regularly I have problems with burnout. I’m sure most of the painters out there have experienced it at some point. Perhaps it’s all the end-of-year stress that gets to me, I don’t know. What I do know is that the hobby that I enjoy and usually find relaxing suddenly fills me with dread. I almost feel like I have painters bipolar: I either love it to the point of obsession or I hate it.

Over the years I’ve learned not to force it. If I give it some time, then the love for my hobby will come back. In the meantime I have the holidays to look forward to. Hubby and I are going to do a couple of weeks around Australia. We wanted to bring a game with us, but wargames aren’t so easy to play in a hotel room, so we looked for a board game instead. Hubby fell in love with Super Dungeon Explore for it’s old arcade-style and I love the chibi miniatures. They’ve kickstarted my love of painting again and while I’m not motivated to get back into my Warmahordes stuff just yet, I will eventually. In the meantime, I’ll be posting some chibi stuff.

The Hubby and I are painting this project together, but I won’t be posting any of his stuff here. If you are interested in seeing his work, I’ve started a thread on the Soda Pop forums.

Here are the Chests and Boo Booty from the Forgotten King set.

Chests and Boo Booty

Here are the Rabid Squirrel creeps. I have no idea how that tail armour is supposed to work.

Rabid Squirrel

And finally a Bramble Knight spawning point. We’re painting these models to a lower standard than normal. This one looks especially rough, my apologies!

Bramble Knight

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