Fyanna the Lash

Original upload date: November 10 2014

Doktor Grym approached me regarding painting one of the Orange Crush Legion models for the Foodmachine charity event this year. Some of my favourite painters such as Meg Maples and Matt DiPietro are already involved and one of my Legion heroes Charles Arrasmith helped write the lists. I’m excited to be able to join with these guys for a good cause so I will be painting up Fyanna the Lash for Orange Crush.

The painting instructions were to include orange so I wanted to make it a focal point. I didn’t know what colours the other artists would be using so I thought a safe bet would be to paint her in traditional Legion colours. I did not realise until now how ridiculously overcomplicated that scheme is! Anyway, she’s done and I love her but now I have to ship her off to America.

Fyanna the Lash

I figured I might as well paint my own Fyanna at the same time, so here she is in my regular tabletop quality.

Fyanna the Lash

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