Karick-Dar, Apprentice

Original upload date: February 3 2014

Last weekend I spent 16 hours painting with the amazing Meg Maples (the artist formally known as PPS_Meg) at her Sydney Masterclass workshop. There were five members from the Siege the Hills club there (Represent!) and it was great to see all the different painters. This was actually the first time I’ve ever been taught how to paint something. Everything I know is self-taught from experimenting or searching on the internet, so I found it very strange to have a demo in front of me. I’m inspired to try out a few new things, for example I think the two-brush blending technique will really speed up my cloth highlights. Also Meg has an amazing technique for eyes which I have attempted on eVayl. Meg says I do faces really well (an amazing compliment from a painter with her skill).

Here’s the test model we did. Its one of Sebastian Archer’s Guild of Harmony sculpts. Those eyes were ridiculous! They are about half the size of PP eyes. New things I attempted were two-brush blending on the cloth, first attempt at that particular skin tone, and a quick osl effect.

Karick-Dar Apprentice

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