Vayl, Consul of Everblight

Original upload date: February 16 2014

I’ve finished Vayl2. I used her as a practise model during Meg Maples’ Masterclass painting workshop.

Vayl Consul of Everblight

Meg showed us how she paints her amazing eyes. It’s quite a bit more involved than my usual minimalist approach, but basically goes:
Step 1: Black
Step 2: White leaving black outline
Step 3: Black circle in centre
Step 4: Bright colour in black circle
Step 5: Tiny black dot in top half of bright circle
Step 6: White reflection dot

It was incredible to watch her do this, and which such a large brush as well! My attempt misses out on the final step, but I’m pleased nonetheless. Here’s my attempt:

Vayl Consul of Everblight

Later on I took some pics while experimenting with a $1 lens from ebay (like these here). It sticks onto a mobile phone and acts like a macro lens.


Her green eyes show up a little better when when taking pictures with it, but I couldn’t avoid that slight orange tint around the photo or manage to keep the lens cap out of the shot!

Vayl Consul of Everblight

Thanks for reading, likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

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