Strider Deathstalker Conversion

Original upload date: June 1 2013 – September 27 2014

After finishing my first Strider Deathstalker, I wanted to convert a second one to field them in pairs.

Strider Deathstalker

Strider Deathstalker

I had put off the conversion for a while as I knew the Deathstalker would be a difficult mod because she is basically one piece. (the bow with forearm is the only separate bit).

Strider Deathstalker Conversion

I started by removing the head and hair, the left arm, the right side of her cloak and severing the sword arm at the wrist. She looked awful when I was done butchering her, but then I had the fun task of putting her together again.

Strider Deathstalker Conversion

I rotated her sword wrist horizontally and joined it up with a Stone Keeper’s forearm. (I have a little stash of heads and hands from the last time I did a PP bits order as I find these pieces to be the most difficult to sculpt.) I resculpted the upper left arm and then I removed the bow from the left hand. I joined the bow back together again and stuck it onto the model’s back. I had to saw quite deep into the model’s back as I did not want the bow to appear to be “floating” over the top. I used my spare Eiryss3 head from my upcoming mounted Aeryn conversion but I filed off the pattern to make it look less recognisable. I added a lock of hair and filled in the rest of the feathers as well as extending the left side of the cloak to change the model’s profile from a distance.

Strider Deathstalker Conversion

Here’s the finished product:

Strider Deathstalker Conversion

I gave her a shoulder pad to emphasise the half-half armoured look.

Strider Deathstalker Conversion

And here she is with the original for comparison.

Strider Deathstalker Conversion

Thanks for reading, likes/shares/comments are appreciated!


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