Shepherd Conversion

Original upload date: April 17 2013 – July 12 2015

I painted my first Shepherd to have a bright red cape lining.


I came to greatly value the Shepherd’s presence on the battlefield, both in healing a much needed beast and managing fury. I don’t think there’s a better one-point option for Legion. I wanted another, so two years later I converted a second Shepherd.

Shepherd Conversion

To distinguish her from the original sculpt I wanted to remove her hood and make her hold the weapon in both hands. I gave her Saeryn’s head and Cylena Raefyll’s arms which I modified to hold the scythe instead of her sword.

Shepherd Conversion

This conversion looks simple but was actually surprisingly fiddly. First I had to remove the head, arms and a substantial part of the cloak to go with them. Cylena’s arms end halfway up the bicep so I pinned them into position and sculpted back in the rest. Getting them into the correct position was very tricky because I had to gauge the correct arm length and ensure that the angles matched up so that the haft would sit correctly in both hands. I resculpted the top part of the cloak and added a hood from Eiryss3.

Shepherd Conversion

Here they are, side by side for comparison:

Shepherd Conversion

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