Thagrosh Conversion

Original upload date: April 16 2013 – July 28 2013

I disliked Thagrosh’s pointy head, so I tried something quite ambitious for my skill-level at the time. Up until this point, my greenstuffing skills consisted mostly of gap-filling and head/weapon swaps. I think this project, and the positive feedback I received for it, really helped inspire me to try even more ambitious projects, like my Deathstalker and later my Throne of Everblight Horror.

First, I cut away parts of his head and sculpted armour plates and filigree over the top. This is a WIP after I’d finished the edges and begun working the spirals inward.

Thagrosh Conversion

I decided that I disliked his long loincloth so I cut it off and tried sculpting a new one. It was my first time sculpting cloth, so there’s room for improvement.

Thagrosh Conversion

Here’s the finished conversion. In summary, after chopping off his pointy head, I added a helmet and filigree. I then chopped off his long cloth and resculpted a shorter one. I added a leather executioner-style hood with a couple of stitches and finally a fur trim to his cloth.

Thagrosh Conversion

I think the folds in his leather could be better and the fur would have been better if it were a little shaggier. I put this down to my complete inexperience sculpting these textures, so it’s a point I can improve upon next time.

Thagrosh Conversion

My favourite bits would have to be the way I managed to get his hood to swoop around, adding a little movement to an otherwise static model.

Thagrosh Conversion

And here he is painted up:

Thagrosh Conversion

Thagrosh Conversion

Thagrosh ConversionThagrosh Conversion

When I started painting him, I became worried that all those browns and neutral colours would look a little dull. So I took advantage of his large chest area to incorporate a tattoo. I found it very tricky to blackline and highlight because it is so small, but I am pleased with the end result.

Thanks for reading, likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

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