Iron Kingdoms Roleplay Character Conversion: Aeryn Asir

Original upload date: August 10 2014 – April 1 2015

This is my character for an Iron Kingdoms game that I’ve just started. Aeryn Asir is a Highwayman/Mage Hunter, although I’m just using the classes as a template so theme-wise she’s more of a Light Cavalry Assassin.

Eiryss Mage Hunter Commander

Aeryn was born to a Seeker of Scyrah who was searching for one of the lost gods in Khador. The family stayed in Khador when the Iosans locked themselves away, so Aeryn has never seen her people’s homeland. She has simple needs: she just wants a dry place to sleep, fresh food and above all else she looks after her horse; Mishka.

I used the Eiryss model because I really like the sculpt but because Aeryn is a cavalry character, I need a second version on a mount. So I’ve bought another Eiryss and the Jeremiah Kraye model to combine into mounted Aeryn.

Iron Kingdoms Conversion

This was my first conversion where I really baulked at the cost. I’ll think twice before playing another mounted character… This is also my first attempt at curly hair. I’m satisfied with it but I think next time I’ll try to put more texture into the curls. My original plan was to have Aeryn’s cloak folding behind her, but I didn’t want to obscure all of the nifty details on Kraye’s horse. I figured the material looks stiff enough to drape out behind.

Iron Kingdoms Conversion

And here’s the painted version:

Iron Kingdoms Conversion

In the last few months she’s proven herself to be a formidable assassin. She’ll scale sheer walls, sneak in undetected and blow her enemies apart before they can react. She seems an odd fit for the mercenary company as she doesn’t care about the gold at all. She clearly has her own agenda and only time will tell what that is.

Iron Kingdoms Conversion

Thanks for reading, likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

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