Kallus Conversion: Kallyse, Rage of Everblight

Original upload date: August 31 2014 – July 2 2015


Kallus’s attrition play-style appeals to me but his model didn’t. Specifically, I disliked his oversized shoulder pads and enormous torso. Even these pictures don’t do justice to the scale of that thing!

Kallus Conversion

I decided to remove the torso and turn Kallus into a chick to better fit in with the rest of my sexy Legion girls. I was planning on removing the shoulder pads altogether but then I became worried that I was skirting a little too close to the 50% original model requirement for legal PP conversions (as of reposting, this rule is no longer a requirement). That’s when I noticed that Kallus’s shoulder pads are effectively two sectioned armour plates and I decided to try removing the larger one of the halves.

Kallus Conversion

I’m quite happy with it; I think it retains the original’s aesthetic but it will be much smaller and more feminine. As I was discussing my ideas with the hubby it annoyed me when I had to refer to my model as “Kallus”. My model isn’t Kallus any more so I needed a new name to reflect my incarnation of the Warlock. So Kallus, Wrath of Everblight became Kallyse, Rage of Everblight. Here’s my first attempt at horns, using my last spare Eiryss3 head as the base.

Kallus Conversion

Here’s a shot after I’ve started joining it all together and sculpting the hair.

And here’s the finished conversion. I’m really, really happy about how she turned out. She might be my best yet.

Kallus Conversion

In addition to the original Kallus model, I used Eiryss3’s head and a succubus arm for this mod.

Kallus Conversion

And here’s the finished model. She gave me a bit of trouble… I had to reassemble her (include resculpting and attaching a new horn) and I repainted her when I wasn’t happy with my attempt at OSL. I’m still not completely happy with the light effects but it’s a skill I can work on in the future.

Kallus Conversion

I was going for an Angelina Jolie look with her face. I also gave her slightly different coloured blight spots than my usual Legion. It’s a little easier to see from the back view:

Kallus Conversion

Thanks for reading, likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

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