Croak Raiders Conversion: Feral Nyss

It’s taken me almost a year but I’ve finally finished my Feral Nyss unit conversion. I was inspired by the updated Privateer Press conversion policy to convert a unit out of a completely different unit. In this case, I tried to make models that capture the spirit of Croak Raiders, but make them Nyss so that they fit better into my Everblight army.

Converted Nyss

I started with Circle Tharn Bloodtrackers and swapped their heads for Dark Eldar Wych heads. Then I sculpted tiny gourds and flames for their weapons. I hope that the orange wrist/anklewraps and green warpaint helps to tie them to the Croaks even more.

Converted Nyss

Converted Nyss

Converted Nyss

Converted Nyss

Thanks for reading, likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

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