Incubi Conversion

Original upload date: October 5 2013 – December 14 2013

The two Incubi on the right are my conversions.

Incubi Conversion

I swapped a spare Legionnaire sword into the kneeling Incubi’s hands. I thought it looked a bit too long so I shortened it into a short sword. The one on the far right is a leftover Spell Martyr torso I had from an earlier conversion (always keep your bits!). I used the original Incubi’s legs, arms and dragon’s head. Here’s a WIP shot with the pins in before greenstuff.

Incubi Conversion

His abdomen had been damaged from the prior conversion so I had to resculpt some abs as well as fill in the arms.

Incubi Conversion

And here they are painted. I experimented with a new technique on these guys. GW had just released a bunch of new “special effects paints” and I’m always keen to try new ideas. This one is called “Blood for the Blood God” and it is a lovely rich red. It goes on with the consistency of paint but depending on how thick you put it on, it shows the underlying colours. It dries with a light sheen, which can become more glossy the thicker you paint it. I preferred to have it thin and semi-transparent. It also has a strange texture to it, not grainy but still it’s not completely smooth.

Incubi Conversion

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