Throne of Everblight Conversion: Sorceress and Platform

Original upload date: October 2 2013

I felt as though the original Sorceress pose was too passive. I used a succubus arm to make it look like she is beckoning the horror down. (I bought a sprue of succy arms the last time my club did a PP order. I think these are a great investment for converting Legion, as hands are especially difficult to sculpt).

Throne of Everblight Conversion

The original throne has claws coming through the top. Since my platform is no longer part-beast I did not add these claws and instead obscured their holes. I then cut the tip off the claws, orientated them upward and stuck them on the corners of the platform. This is to help make my platform look different to the original and fit more closely to my art concept. In his picture I’m in the process of sculpting little bands around the ends of the spikes.

Throne of Everblight Conversion

Thanks for reading, likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

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