Spawning Vessel Conversion

Original upload date: July 15 2013 – August 25 2013

Perhaps I should clarify that it is the Spawning Vessel Acolyths that are converted, and not the pot itself.

As usual I didn’t want duplicates, and unfortunately the six Acolyths only come in two poses. Luckily they were easy enough to tweak. The one on the left is stock-standard haft-you-in-the-face pose. The middle one I slightly lowered the weapon into a more relaxed stance. I then had to sculpt a new upper arm for her as well as the feathers on her cloak which I damaged as I tried to repose her. The last one involved snipping the hand off the weapon and pinning it back together. I then sculpted back in the missing weapon haft, her upper arm and a rudimentary dagger.

Spawning Vessel Conversion

I had trouble fitting her arm into a natural position and I wasn’t happy with the dagger, so I changed the angle and replaced her dagger with a shard of bone, which I think suits the unit better.

Spawning Vessel Conversion

Here’s the finished Spawning Vessel unit:

Spawning Vessel

In my mind, I imagine that the blight affects the Nyss in different ways. Sometimes it’s only a cosmetic change, like the little spikes jutting out of Saeryn’s face. Sometimes it’s a useful change like the legs of the Striders. Sometimes I imagine that the blight is a bad change, like horrible weeping protrusions that cause the bearer discomfort or pain. If the blight is particularly bad, the affected individual may have no choice but the wrap themselves in bandages and march behind the Everblight army, picking the field clear of corpses. Like lepers, they would be shunned for their affliction and their fellow Acolytes of the Vessel would be their only company.

Spawning Vessel Conversion

With that in mind I stained their bandages and painted their robes black to emphasise their cultist look, and their separation from the rest of the army. I had fun painting this unit, but I might have gone a little overboard with the blood splatter!

Spawning Vessel

Thanks for reading, likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

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