Throne of Everblight Conversion: The Portal

Original upload date: October 20 2013

I was playing around with the portal. I decided to texture the top first as it would be more difficult once the tentacles are attached. I hunted around for a picture of a whirlpool and came up with this image to use as a guide:


I started applying putty to the top but then had a better idea. Vallejo Water Effects is awesome, it has the consistency of moisturising cream. You spread it across your surface and it dries clear. I decided to make a core shape out of the water effects and paint it up in blues. Then I’ll add a layer of water effects on top mixed with blue so it will be translucent. Finally I’ll add another layer on the very tips and paint it white like froth. This means that most of the whirlpool shape will be added as a later stage after I have assembled and painted the model. Here’s a pic of the water effects just after it was applied (sorry for the night-time shot).

Throne of Everblight Conversion

I originally planned to open up the middle (hence the hole) and have the whirlpool forming a cone shape, but I abandoned that idea. It was tricky to tell how it looked when it was clear so I gave it a dusting of white spray. I’m happy with how it turned out. Once it’s painted I’ll be bulking the waves out to about double their current size, but it’s an organic process. I’m mostly making it up as I go!

Throne of Everblight Conversion

Thanks for reading, likes/shares/comments are appreciated!

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